Dan Stevens Charity Walk


Dan Stevens Charity Walk

On 9th July 2016 there will be a Charity Walk from the Commodore Hotel in Instow to the Rugby Club in Barnstaple (approx 7 miles).

All money raised will go to Clarity and Mental Health awareness.

The walk is organised by Paul Stevens who tragically lost his son. This is his story:

In April 2012 I took my two sons to Old Trafford for a hospitality day, it was Daniels 22nd birthday so this was his treat he lived in Cleethorpes with his mum so it was a special occasion for us getting to spend some quality time with him, we had a fantastic day and the following day we did the stadium tour, little did we know that was the last time we would see him alive four months later on the 24 of August ( his sisters birthday ) Daniel took his own life leaving us broken, this came eight months after a wider member of our family had also taken their life, please read some of the facts below that I find shocking

Suicide is the leading cause of death for males between 20 and 34 in England and Wales.

In 2012  6,233  aged 15 and over were registered as suicide.

The male suicide rate was more than three times higher than the female rate.

In 2012  more soldiers and veterans took their own lives than what died fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan in the same year.

There is 600 suicides in the South West each year, for each suicide it impacts on approximately 20 family, 20 friends and 20 colleagues, 60 in total times that by 600 that is 36,000 who are significantly affected.

Not enough is being done to help these people a lot of them youngsters, I aim to try and change that by raising awareness, money and breaking down the stigma that surrounds the subject of suicide / mental health issues.

The Charity is Clarity they are based in Barnstaple, they are a mental health charity that offers counselling and therapy to people bereaved through suicide this project is very close to my heart, service is provided by qualified councillors who all give their time as volunteers, Clarity relies on grants and donations in order to carry out its work.

See more about Paul's story:

We’ll be there at the end along with other food and drink to welcome the walkers home.

Please come along and support the event.

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