Celebrity chef gives seal of approval to North Devon’s Cracking Nuts

North Devon Journal (Dec 2017)

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Great Taste Award ★★

Cinnamon & Vanilla Roasted Cashews (July 2017)

In August 2017 we were delighted to be awarded 2 stars for our Cinnamon & Vanilla Roasted Cashews. Here is what the judges said:

“Initial appearance: evenly coated and appealing, The vanilla registers first followed by lingering cinnamon towards the end. The sweetness from the vanilla is well balanced and not sickly.”

“Crunchy cashews, well coated in a crust which cracks nicely in the bite. The cinnamon comes through towards the end – the vanilla is a good warming back note. The nuts are creamy and yet crisp.”

British Street Food Awards

Best Street Food Dessert: Runner Up (Sept 2016)

In September we competed in the finals for the British Street Food Awards. The event was held in Birmingham and run by Digbeth Dining Club.  It was a fantastic weekend, and, although we didn’t win, we met some fantastic people and enjoyed getting our nuts out to the Birmingham masses.

British Street Food Awards 2016

West England and Wales Heat: Winner (June 2016)

Out of thousands of entries, we won a place in the final of ‘British Street Food awards’.

Guest judge, (Celebrity TV chef, Rosemary Shrager), tried the food of all Street Food contenders, and choose us as the winner! Rosemary’s quote ‘this I LOVE’, “I think these nuts served on the most delicious ice-cream, are genius.

North Devon Street Food Awards

‘Best of the Best’ Overall Winner (July 2014)

In our first summer, we entered the North Devon Street Food Awards. We came up with a new ice cream dessert for it. Home-made vanilla ice-cream, warm salted-caramel, topped with hot ‘cracking’ cashews. We were delighted to win the ‘best dessert’ and then blown away when they announced it had won the ‘best of the best’ against some serious competition.

It was after winning the ‘Best of the Best’ award that we renamed our new dessert to ‘TopGun’ after the famous line from the popular 80s movie.