You can now order just the nuts from us with minimum packaging. Once your nuts arrive in 500g paper bags. When you receive your nuts, will need to decanter them into a jar or airtight container to maintain their freshness for as long as possible.

The Cracking Mix
A deliciously moreish combination of sweet & salted peanuts, cashews & almonds

Salted Mixed Nuts
Sometimes simple is best, simply roasted with a combination of Cornish sea-salt and pink rock-salt

Cinnamon & Vanilla Roasted Cashews
Crunchy on the outside yet, creamy in the middle. These cashews are delicately seasoned with cinnamon and responsibly sourced vanilla.

Smoked Hickory Mixed Nuts
Peanuts, cashews & almonds roasted with completely natural smoked hickory flavour to give a savoury taste which perfectly compliments any beer

Sweet-Chilli & Lime Roasted Peanuts
What is it about the sweet combined with chilli that keeps you needing to come back for more? Beware, one nut is never enough!

Sweet Roasted Nuts
Delicious combination of peanuts, cashews & almonds. Top tip, try warmed up and served on top of ice-cream!

Chilli Peanuts
Roasted with Devon-grown Carolina Reaper infused oil. The perfect accompaniment to a cold beer

Rosemary Spiced Mixed Nuts
Delicately spiced cashews, almonds & walnuts with a hint of rosemary. Cracking Nuts twist on this classic New York bar snack