Somersault Festival 2015

Somersault Festival 2015

Its been a busy time for Cracking Nuts this month and we have just got back from Somersault Festival 2015.

The rain, which was intermittent on Friday and Sunday – but beautiful on Saturday – did not seem to put off peoples party mood. Everybody seemed to be having a great time – and we did too. We made loads of new friends and saw plenty of old ones too.

We had loads of people coming to buy Cracking Nuts who came to see us last year, which was really nice. And people who hadn’t tried our nuts before were very positive about us and we had loads of repeat custom.

We did a “Today’s Special” of lightly infused Mustard Almonds, which went down well, as well as our usual batches of Sweet & Salty mix, Sweet Cashews, Sweet Peanuts and Salty Mix. Also we did our pots of Vanilla Ice Cream with home-made Salted Caramel and Cashews, which went down very well, with many people coming back for more the next day. We did end up selling out – which proved it went down well.

The music was great with one of the high-lights being Jimmy Cliff who got the who crowd dancing and enjoying themselves – jumping around in the mud – despite the rain. Jimmy even managed to bring some blue sky out for a few minutes.

Cracking Nuts entered a team in to the Volleyball Competition, which was hosted by Denise Austin. We did well. We played over two days, playing about 7 games and we got to the final. We had great support from the team we beat in the quarter-final who cheered us on all the way, even making up great – nut punned – chants for us. We thank and salute you, whoever you are. We didn’t win the final – we lost to a team that we had beaten before, which was a crushing shame – haha. It was all played in great spirits and everyone had a brilliant time, playing through whatever the weather threw at us – rain, wind and sun.

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