Wow!  What a weekend for Cracking Nuts.

We were attending the ‘Foodies Festival with Top Chefs’ in Bristol, and entering the ‘British Street Food awards’.

We set off on Thursday morning, stopping in Barnstaple to meet our lovely friend Sam from ‘Tennacott Farm Dairy’, Bideford.  To pick up the best Madagascan Vanilla ice cream there is.  The dairy is a few yards from the parlor where the ice cream is made, so you could not get fresher or more delicious ice cream.

Ok, so we were on are way to Bristol.  We arrived at the showground, Durdham Downs.  It was a little muddy due to the three days of rain before, but the forecast was dry and sunny from Thursday on wards.  We got into position and ready for the event to commence on 13th, 14th and 15th May.

The atmosphere was so exciting, yet very chilled, friendly, sunny and everyone just wanted to try a little bit of all that was on offer from Cracking Nuts, Cheese, Cookies, to Pimm’s, Prosecco and Pies, Specialty Burgers, Beer and Bugs!  At the Bug eating challenge.
Top Chefs were doing demonstrations, Michelin star and celebrity chefs cooking their favorite recipes.  Simon Hulstone came to check out the Street Food area and even went for our ‘Top Gun’ ice cream, then sent his parents over to get too!

The weekend was buzzing, Cracking Nuts were busy, busy busy selling our hand roasted nuts, homemade lemonade and our ice cream desserts; ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Snicker Twist’.  On arrival to the event you were given a little ticket to vote with, the idea being you head over to the ‘British Street Food awards’ area try the food that takes your fancy and pop your vote into the box on each stall.  On Sunday afternoon the votes were counted and the Winner of the West and Wales Heat was announced, inviting them to attend the ‘British Street Food awards Final’ later in the year.  Hugh Congratulations to our neighbors for the weekend and public vote winners ‘Smokin’ Lotus’ and ‘The Breakfast Club’.

But wait.  There was also a guest judge Rosemary Shrager, she tried the food of all 13 Street Food contenders. Rosemary’s quote ‘this I LOVE’ but whose food was she talking about?  YES you guessed it Cracking Nuts, we won the judges vote and are thought to the  ‘British Street Food awards Final’.  Hoo-Ray to us we certainly Cracked it this weekend!