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12 Days of Christmas – Gift Box (12 Tubs)

Inspired by the 12 Day of Christmas, The Cracking Nuts 12 Days of Christmas is a tasty selection box containing 2 boxes of 6 tub of nuts. The tubs have a number on for each day and a line from the famous poem. They are great to put out at parties and family gatherings and make a fantastic house gift to compliment (or instead of) a bottle.

Each tub contains 90g – 100g of nuts (approx 4 servings per tub) of delicious freshly-roasted nuts. The flavour is  only revealed when you lift the lid but every box will contain a mixture of our new festive flavours and a mix from our most popular flavours.

What are the 12 Days of Christmas?
The 12 days of Christmas begin on Christmas Day, December 25, and last right through until January 6, also known as Three Kings’ Day or Epiphany.

Do I need to eat a tub everyday?
Up to you, but each tub is quite substantial, so they are also great to share.

Can I use it as an Advent Calendar and eat a pot every other day?
Sure, why not?

Each set will contain a surprise selection of:


  • Christmas Spiced Nuts: Cashews & Almonds roasted with Christmas Spices (Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger & cloves) 100g
  • Holly & Ivy: Chilli Peanuts (the Holly) mixed with Lime Cashews (the Ivy) 100g
  • German Christmas Market: Cinnamon & Vanilla Roasted Almonds 100g


  • Cracking Nuts Mix:  100g
  • Salted Mixed Nuts 100g
  • Cinnamon & Vanilla Cashews 90g
  • Chilli & Lime Peanuts 100g
  • Rosemary Spiced Nuts 100g
  • Salted Caramel Cashews 90g
  • Smoked Hickory Mixed Nuts 100g
  • Sweet Roasted Mixed Nuts 100g
  • Chilli Peanuts 100g

Can I choose the flavours?
Where would the fun be in that? But sure, if there is really something you want more or less of, just let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate you.





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