A sweet treat for any nut lovers! A selection of 6 (90g – 100g) tubs from Cracking Nuts sweet flavours.

Cracking Nuts hand-roast their artisan nuts to order in small batches using all-natural ingredients from their base in Devon.

This Sweet Mixed Nut Selection includes:

Cinnamon & Vanilla Roasted Cashews (x2)
Crunchy on the outside yet, creamy in the middle. These cashews are delicately seasoned with cinnamon and responsibly sourced vanilla.

Sweet Roasted Nuts (x2)
Delicious combination of peanuts, cashews & almonds. Top tip, try warmed up and served on top of ice-cream!

Salted Caramel Cashews (x2)
The cashews are first roasted with sugar until the sugar caramelizes and then sprinkled with Cornish sea salt.

Shelf life
Min. 4 months from delivery.

Suitable for Vegans and Gluten-Free

May contain traces of other nuts