• 500g (approx 20 servings) The humble peanut re-imagined. Roasted with chilli infused oil made from Devon-grown Carolina Reaper chillies. These spiced nuts pack a punch and are the perfect accompaniment to a cold beer or non-alcoholic drink of choice.
  • 500g (approx 20 servings) Get into the Christmas spirit with these ‘Christmas Spiced Nuts’ – goes well with spirits too! Cashews & almonds roasted with Christmas Spices (Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger & Cloves)
  • 500g (approx 20 servings) Crunchy on the outside yet, creamy in the middle, these cashews are delicately seasoned with cinnamon and responsibly sourced vanilla. A tasty treat for your tastebuds and delicious with ice-cream. Awarded 2 Stars in the Great Taste Awards. Try warmed up and served with ice cream.
  • 500g (approx 20 servings) Get the taste of the German Christmas Market at home with these caramelised almonds with cinnamon & vanilla. These nuts are the original street food! They are great as they are, but for the real German Market experience, try warming them up in the microwave or frying pan.
  • 500g (approx 20 servings) Chilli Peanuts (the Holly) mixed with Lime Cashews (the Ivy) Chilli Peanuts (The Holly) The humble peanut re-imagined. Roasted with chilli infused oil made from Devon-grown Carolina Reaper chillies. These spiced nuts pack a punch and are the perfect accompaniment to a cold beer or non-alcoholic drink of choice. Lime Cashews (The Ivy) Contrasting the chilli peanuts are these zingy lime cashews, roasted with pure lime powder and our Cracking Nuts salt mix of Cornish Sea Salt and Himalayan Pink Salt.
  • 500g (approx 20 servings) Organic hazelnuts, cashews & almonds. A real satisfying, healthy treat for all nut lovers. Enjoy these nuts in their purest form, simply lightly roasted & unsalted.
  • 500g (approx 20 servings) Delicately spiced cashews & almonds with a hint of rosemary. Cracking Nuts twist on this classic New York bar snack.
  • 500g (approx 20 servings) Sometimes simple is best! Peanuts, cashews and almonds roasted together with a combination of Cornish sea-salt and pink rock-salt.
  • 500g (approx 20 servings) Crunchy cashews roasted mixed with caramelized sugar and then sprinkled with Cornish sea salt. Grab and handful and imagine yourself at the beach.
  • 500g (approx 20 servings) Cashews, Almonds and peanuts combined and roasted with our natural smoked hickory flavour. Great to munch as a protein snack or enjoy with a refreshing cold drink.
  • 500g (approx 20 servings) What is it about the sweetness with a bit of chilli heat that keeps you coming back for more?  Combined with a subtle hint of lime beware, one nut is never enough!
  • 500g (approx 20 servings) A delicious combination of peanuts, cashews & almonds.  Mix with fresh fruit and natural yogurt to pep up your breakfast or try warmed up and served on top of ice-cream for a quick dessert.
  • 500g (approx 20 servings) Cracking Nuts signature mix. A deliciously moreish mix of sweet & salty nuts. You may have enjoyed the contrasting flavours of sweet and salty popcorn (and who doesn't), then you will surely love these hand-roasted mixed nuts. A tasty combination of cashews, almonds and peanuts. The sweet nuts are hand-roasted in cinnamon and responsibly sourced vanilla. The salted nuts are dusted with our combination of Cornish Sea Salt and Pink rock salt.
  • On Sale!
    500g (approx 20 servings) Our most decadent mix yet! A truly irresistible mix of nuts, fruit and chocolate! The perfect combination for a loved one. The Love Mix includes our signature salted peanuts, cashews and almonds, with our cracking sweet roasted pecans, and a couple of added nibbles of joy; Belgium chocolate coated raisins and dried strawberries. Includes 'Nuts about you' gift card.
  • 500g (approx 20 servings)
    In celebration of the King's Coronation, we introduce our take on the classic 'Coronation Chicken' with our 'Coronation Cashews'.
    Coronation Chicken – cold chicken in a curry cream sauce with sultanas, was first developed for the late Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953. It was invented to feed the foreign guests who were entertained at Buckingham Palace after the ceremony. This has inspired us to create 'Coronation Cashews'.  creamy, cashews roasted with mild Indian curry spices and mixed organic sultanas.
  • 500g (approx. 20 servings)
    This year we have got on board to celebrate Oktoberfest! We have combined our delicious sweet roasted almonds, a traditional Bavarian street food speciality, with our perfectly salted peanuts.  The combination works a treat and it is the best accompaniment with an Oktoberfest Beer!
    Our Nutoberfest is such a great mix of nuts, it can be eaten anytime of the year.  A wonderful Birthday gift or Christmas present. It can be teamed together with other scrummy Cracking Nuts flavours or a Beer, Rum or Gin!


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